Facebook ads – absolute best of


If there was a book to teach me how… ah wait there it is.

Be covered for when the wheels of steel get out of control.


Looking natural too.

broken legs

So you can go back roller skating on gravel in the middle of the forest.

It’d help to postpone the funeral if the little bitch didn’t crack your neck just yet.

cool people looking for cool people

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dog pissing on her face

tell us exactly when your 10 million dollars mansion is unattended

he seems quite happy as it is

“a men”

superhair.info everybody

just for a chat but here is my pic in bikini

don’t eat this thing that you’ve never eaten and you are never going to eat anyways

women that only care about what you look like inside

also working on a version with the picture of a penis printed on it

she is straight

let’s not get too cynical and check her pics, she might be your twin soul

I went and checked for you, they say you should eat less you fat pig

you give us 10£ and we give you 30£ and we swear this is all OK and it’s exactly what you think it is

love the people who are fat inside

she looks trapped, gonna see if I can help – click

sexyy people desperately looking for people who love sexyy

I don’t know make up your own joke about this one.

again single attractive young women desperately looking for a date

Facebook is full of women, it turns out

chat and take me home but it’s not like I’m easy

legs don’t work

I’m actually looking in-camera, just I’m cross-eyed.

Old. It’s for old people, don’t click that shit just yet.

I think it ends up that you are naked and she takes a video of you via skype.

Very bad back problems