Fizzygum 2018


is a new web framework, an entire platform really, designed from the ground up to do complex things easily. Things like: live documents, complex apps, complex sets of apps, or even entire custom environments.

Fizzygum puts the power of an entire Operating System at your fingertips: 
โœ” make dashboards and visualise data (plots, maps, โ€ฆ) 
โœ” author, organise and navigate documents
โœ” insert dynamic calculations anywhere, via simple drag & drop
โœ” make custom utilities visually (no coding required) 
โœ” use internal development tools to customise anything, as it runs
โœ” do all of the above, concurrently


  • “I’m a fan of this sort of thing, more power to you” Gilad Bracha – co-author of the Java Language Specification
  • “Something very useful” Ward Cunningham โ€“ inventor of wiki, signatory of the Agile Manifesto

Screenshots (for new and more examples, check the website):