Shazhoven 2011


A fun iPad app made for a Shazam hack-day, Shazhoven is a hang-on-the-wall application that listens for music and re-enacts a “dancing” Beethoven, dressing him up depending on the genre of the music. Made with OpenFrameworks. (due to key parts of the application belonging to Shazam Entertainment LTD, Shazhoven is not open source).

An image of Beethoven was cut into different pieces and “animated” (e.g. holding up the phone, with a glowing Shazam badge, and with different hairstyles and glasses).

Some extracts of the animations below. Note how the badge glows during recognition, and how Beethoven looks at the phone.

Some “behind the scenes” edits:

Splash screen:

Some stills of Beethoven’s “faces” (normal, holding the phone, “rock”, “zombie”, “Elton John”, “classic music” and, my favourite, “pop”):