Monthly archives of “January 2013

Raspberry-pi autoVJ 2013

Automatic motion graphics for Raspberry pi using pi3d framework, source available on github. AutoVJ works by simply modifying the properties of two primitives (a cube and a background plane). Properties can be: the shader, the scale of the shader, the scale of the object, the rotation speed, the […]

RX100 DIY fisheye 2013

I love fisheye photography and I own a Sony RX100. Unfortunately there are no cheap fisheye lenses for this camera (only some expensive ones for underwater photography). So here is how to make one. 1) buy an Opteka 43mm ultra-fisheye lens. These cost around £60. […]

Harinezumi hacking 2013

I use my Harinezumi a lot. It’s like the Holga, but digital. Hipster you say? Hell yeah. Harinezumi misses a proper timelapse feature, the one out of the box shoots low-fps videos, which is not good cause it cuts the resolution in half and introduces some nasty […]

“The Real Goss” iPhone app 2013

“The Real Goss” is a (working) prototype app done for a Shazam hackday. The song is first recognised (using an internal Shazam SDK available to me). The app then picks up the names of any celebrity from either the title or the author of the […]