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Fizzygum 2018

Fizzygum is a new web framework, an entire platform really, designed from the ground up to do complex things easily. Things like: live documents, complex apps, complex sets of apps, or even entire custom environments. Fizzygum puts the power of an entire Operating System at […]

Algebrite 2016

Algebrite is a Computer Algebra System in javascript. In fact Algebrite is currently the most advanced javascript computer algebra library. Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) enable symbolic computation (in addition to numerical computation), allowing for example determination of exact solutions to problems rather than approximate ones, and even provide/support […]

Rapture-index Dashboard 2016

A dashboard visualising data from the Rapture index site. Github page here. “Look at him, with his ironic digital art pieces on the state of modern news reportage.” – @stilliterate A possible description as follows: “the Rapture index is a Dow Jones Industrial Average of end time […]

Playful geometries 2014

“Playful Geometries” is a nifty coloured and fun installation made by me and Patrick Gaunt (aka paddywwoof) consisting of interactive projections of 3d shapes and patterns. “Playful geometries” is a sound-reactive, multi-user, multi-screen and it scales from coffee-table personal living-room toy to hangar-size premiere-grand-opening scale. Interaction is based […]

Raspberry-pi autoVJ 2013

Automatic motion graphics for Raspberry pi using pi3d framework, source available on github. AutoVJ works by simply modifying the properties of two primitives (a cube and a background plane). Properties can be: the shader, the scale of the shader, the scale of the object, the rotation speed, the […]

“The Real Goss” iPhone app 2013

“The Real Goss” is a (working) prototype app done for a Shazam hackday. The song is first recognised (using an internal Shazam SDK available to me). The app then picks up the names of any celebrity from either the title or the author of the […]

LiveCodeLab 2012

LiveCodeLab is a web-based livecoding environment. Site here. Github page here. It was created and released by me in April 2012, and then from November 2012 co-authored by me and Guy John aka Rumblesan, together with many other contributors. LiveCodeLab is currently my second most popular open source project, with […]

Shazhoven 2011

A fun iPad app made for a Shazam hack-day, Shazhoven is a hang-on-the-wall application that listens for music and re-enacts a “dancing” Beethoven, dressing him up depending on the genre of the music. Made with OpenFrameworks. (due to key parts of the application belonging to […]

LW minimal interpreter 1998

… a small java interpreter for the didactic (toy) LW imperative language, used in some universities to teach the basics of imperative languages, and the concepts of static analysis, basic parsing, handling scope, what a state is, the difference between an expression and a command, […]